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Rose Rebel Productions produces Eva’s Mission.

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Rose Rebel Productions Ltd. is a film & multimedia production company committed to promoting an ideal of common humanity through the visual arts, film and photography. At Rose Rebel, we believe that one of the main transformations now facing humanity is a transformation from sectoral to integral thinking, from a thought pattern driven by limited concepts of race, gender, faith and nationality to a more universal view of what it means to be human, a sense of common humanity. This is a turbulent and exciting era, and Rose Rebel wants to make a contribution by creating visual arts and film projects focusing on our common humanity. Rose Rebel Productions was founded by Martha C.E. Van Der Bly in 2010 and born of her two passions, acting & sociology. After studying globalisation and culture for her PhD in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin, Martha was convinced that we would eventually see humanity coming together in one society. However, this movement towards common humanity will inevitably give rise to opposing tendencies: division and withdrawal into national identities. Right now, the world is at a crossroad. The retreat to nationalism vs. the process of internalisation and accommodation that has underpinned European and world peace since the Second World War. It is at this very moment that we want to create art promoting a sense of common humanity and a shared human destiny.

Rose Rebel


We are always on the look out for like-minded people to collaborate with. So get in touch! 

Rose Rebel Productions 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

IBAN: NL68 INGB 0663 9830 02

KvK: VAT: NL002064836B03


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Martha van der Bly - Director & Producer

MARTHA VAN DER BLY is a documentary filmmaker and actress. Martha has a background as an award-winning sociologist specialized in cultural globalization and (national) identity. EVA’S MISSION is her second feature length documentary. Eva’s Mission is pitched and co-developed at Lisbon Docs 2019 organized by the European Documentary Network; research took place during a Summer Film Residency at the University of South Carolina (USA) and is supported by a grant of the Amsterdam Art Council (AFK) and a successful Cinecrowd Campaign. Martha’s first documentary THE SECRET OF SALONE (paused when Ebola broke out) is now midway production. Martha founded Rose Rebel Productions ( to develop visual project that promote ‘common humanity’.


The ad ‘Surprise’ with Martha in the lead won multiple prizes and was shortlisted for the Cannes Lions. Martha has been acting all her life, mostly in the theatre.


Sarah Cunningham filming Eva's lecture in London for Rose Rebel. Picture: Yakir Zur

Adri Schrover - Cinematographer (Amsterdam)

Adri is an accomplished, award-winning cinematographer with extensive experience in documentary and fiction film. He worked on over 130 documentaries and over 30 fiction films and series. His work has won four Golden Calves: Awards include: Winner Golden Calf Best Short Documentary (Verboden Vlucht, 2014); winner–Golden Calf Best Long Documentary (Lomax the Songhunter, 2004; Winner – NFF Golden Calf Best Long Documentary – Desi (Maria Ramos 2000); winner – IFFR Tiger Award (Tussenland, 2002); winner – KNF Award Dutch Film Critics (De Arm van Jezus, 2003) and nominated – Berlinale Official Selection & Golden Calf Competition – Above Us All (Eugenie Jansen 2014). Priot to working on Eva’s Mission, Adri worked on several projects relating to the Holocaust and the Frank family, including De Magie van het Dagboek van Anne Frank (2015).Adri attended the Dutch Film Academy and is an active member of the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers, (NSC).

Joshua Ausley - Cinematographer (South Carolina)


​Joshua is an ICG Local 600 award-winning cinematographer who works on films around the globe. He started out in front of the camera as talent while living in Japan, achieving fluency in the Japanese language. Now as a member of the International Cinematographer's Guild (ICG), he has worked with Vanity Fair, Instagram, ESPN, American Airlines, the NBA, Porsche, National Geographic, Discovery, Food Network, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Ashley Furniture and many more. He has travelled to over 25 countries and shot in Europe, Japan, India, Nepal, Canada and the Caribbean. Josh is also a PADI and SSI Advanced SCUBA diver with experience filming underwater in both controlled and open-water environments.

Simone Giacomini - Composer 

Simone spent his adolescence studying the work of Skriabin, Janacek and Satie while playing guitar in some post-punk bands and listening to anything that was available around him, especially electronic music. He got a degree in composition for movie soundtracks at the Regia Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna. In 2005 Simone moved to The Netherlands and has since collaborated with artists in the field of movies, installations, theatre and contemporary dance. Since 2010 he has established a successful collaboration with contemporary Indian/Dutch choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman, and developed an interest in blending Indian influences in his music. As a team, they’ve been invited to create performances in Malaysia and Singapore. Simone won a prize for Best Soundtrack at the Documenta Film Festival for the documentary (R)esistenza in 2011 .

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