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Story ‘Gepeins in ‘t Donker (Pondering in the Dark)’  (Kol Mokum, 2013), written by Martha van der Bly Eva’s Mission documents a long journey. In 2012 Eva went on tour with the play And Then They Came For Me. Martha was one of the cast-members.  In 2013, Martha wrote a long, heartfelt and insightful story about her experiences touring with Eva Schloss in South Africa. Martha also talks about Eva's brother Heinz, his paintings and poetry (written in hiding), and Eva's life as a child and an adult coming to terms with the traumas of her past. The title is the title of one of Heinz’ poems.

Download PDF (in Dutch) here!

Download PDF (in English) here!


In February 2017 dr. Martha C.E. Van Der Bly gave the talk Documenting the Holocaust in a Transitional Context: from Living Memory to History - Against the Backdrop of an Erosion of the Post-War World Order for students of the School for Visual Art and Design of the University of South Carolina. Martha discussed the research conducted by actors into their characters, and the research conducted as a filmmaker to design her film. In doing so, she passed between the contrasting approaches to representation characteristic of theatre and of documentary filmmaking, and discussed the shifts between actor and director, research and imagination, and history and memory.

Download a leaflet with more information about this talk here (English)



Newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden published a long interview with Martha, which can be read in full here (in Dutch). The article talks about how Martha and Eva met, the development of our film, Eva's mission and the Freedom Lecture On Tour.

The Dutch newspaper Het Parool did a two-page interview with director Martha van der Bly, published on the American Election Day (6-11-2016), which insured an even bigger audience for our story. 


The full interview can be found here (in Dutch). 


Popular news radio shows NPO Radio 1 Een Vandaag (November 2016) and Met het Oog op Morgen (October 2017) also interviewed Martha about Eva's Mission.


The interviews (in Dutch) can be found  here  and here!


On the 14th of June 2017, Eva was invited as a guest on one of the most popular Dutch talk shows, Jinek. She spoke about her life story and challenged two right-wing politicians with her opinion about the treatment of refugees in Europe. Eva’s Mission filmed Eva backstage.


WATCH  Eva's 10 minutes of the (Dutch) show here!



In collaboration with De Balie and V-fonds, Rose Rebel has developed the Eva Schloss Freedom Lecture (Vrijheidslezing). Eva courageously spoke at venues that were stark reminders of her traumatic past. On June 16, 2017, Eva told her story at De Balie,located  right next to the former prison where Eva and her family were held captive before their deportation to Westerbork transit camp. As an introduction we screened a trailer of Eva’s Mission in De Balie. 

In October 2017, Eva gave a second Freedom lecture in Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork).


You can watch the freedom lecture trailer of Eva's mission here !


With the help of supporters from all around the world, most of whom were complete strangers, we have raised 122% of our crowdfunding goal. The trailer made for this campaign was broadcasted every hour on a local TV channel, CULT TV. 

You can view the Cinecrowd Campaign for Eva's mission here !


After the show, Eva Schloss got a lot of positive comments on Jinek's FaceBook page - a selection: 


  "Wat een sympathieke en moedige vrouw is Eva Schloss. Dank voor haar verhaal. Hopelijk leren de 2 heren van het "kartel" Baudet/Eerdmans er ook nog wat van"  

  "Wat een mooi verhaal van die mevrouw - respect"   

  "Heel mooi verhaal, knap hoe zij dit nog op deze leeftijd doet"   

  "Wat een sterke vrouw is dat en zo bescheiden. Iedereen kan een voorbeeld aan haar nemen. Wat een geweldige dame"   

  "Wat een sterke vrouw. Laten we op deze manier naar vluchtelingen kijken"   

  "Respect voor deze wijze dame van 88 jaar!"  


The main points from a few more negative comments could be boiled down to one of the following: People stating that the Jews are now doing the same thing to Muslims in Israel, or that Muslims are antisemitic (so why would Eva want them in Europe). Both interesting points that we will discuss with Eva and in our film!

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